In accordance with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine “On Environmental Protection”, the Law of Ukraine “On Protection of Atmospheric Air”, the “Water Code of Ukraine”, the Law of Ukraine “On Waste”, subordinate normative documents of environmental protection legislation, our enterprise has developed “Regulations on the management system environmental protection” in which a unified procedure for the organization and implementation of environmental protection work at “Zavod DK Orisil” LLC is established with the aim of preventing and eliminating the negative impact of its business activities on the environment and ensuring the rational use of natural resources.

The enterprise received:

  • permission for production, storage, use of poisonous substances;
  • permission to emit polluting substances into the atmosphere by stationary sources;
  • permission to carry out operations in the field of waste management;
  • contract for the reception and treatment of sewage.

Annually, the company develops and implements action plans to improve environmental performance and reduce (stop) the negative impact of production activities on the environment. The plan necessarily includes measures for the implementation of decisions and resolutions of local self-government bodies and state administration, requirements and prescriptions of control bodies.

Constant monitoring of compliance with the requirements for the air environment and the quality of wastewater is carried out by the technical control laboratory (LTC) of our enterprise in accordance with the “Schedules for monitoring compliance with sanitary and hygienic requirements…” agreed with the Chief State Sanitary Doctor of the Kaluska District. LTC has passed certification for conducting these measurements from the State Committee of Ukraine on Technical Regulation and Consumer Policy.