Production process

Today Orisil company is the leading producer of pyrogenic silica in Eastern Europe. Orisil fumed silica is a highly dispersed amorphous silicon dioxide (SiO2) produced by flame hydrolysis of silicon tetrachloride (SiCl4) or other chlorosilanes. The production is a complex continuous high technology process. The process of flame hydrolysis is carried out in a gas phase of air-hydrogen flame at a temperature of 1100-1400 ° C: The chemical reaction is accompanied by release of significant amount of heat, which is recovered and utilized. Hydrogen chloride (HCl) is the only by-product in this process. Changes in concentration of reactants, flame temperature and reaction rate cause significant alteration in size and structure of the primary particles. The size of the primary particles determines the specific surface area of Orisil fumed silica dictating the grade of the final product.



CharacteristicsOrisil 150 Orisil 200 Orisil 300 Orisil 380 Orisil M130 Orisil M200 Orisil SF125
Appearancewhite powderwhite to light grey powder
Specific surface area, based on BET method, m²/g150±25200±25300±30380±40120±20170±30110±20
рН of suspension3,6-4,33,6-4,33,6-4,33,6-4,33,5-5,5¹⁾3,5-5,5¹⁾4,0-6,0¹⁾
Bulk density, g/l:

undensed, max

densed, min110110
Loss on ignition, weight %, max1,01,52,02,02,0⁴⁾2,0⁴⁾6,0⁴⁾
Moisture content, weight %, max1,5²⁾1,5²⁾1,5²⁾1,5²⁾0,60,60,6
SiO₂ content, weight %, min99,999,999,999,999,899,899,8
Carbon content, weight %0,6-1,20,6-1,23,5-6,0
Treatment agentdimethyldichlorosilanepolymethylsiloxane


1) Water-ethanol solution (1:1).
2) At time of loading.
3) When packing in “Big-Bag” the bulk density is max 80 g/l.
4) Includes chemically bound carbon.

Packaging and transportation


Orisil fumed silica is packaged in paper multi-ply valve bags, which ensure reliable storage of the product during the warranty period. The bag is labelled with the grade, batch number, date of manufacture and net weight. The weight of the bag with undensed fumed silica is 10 kg and with densed silica is 20 kg. Material is shipped on wooden pallets or in bulk. Pallet size is 114x114cm. Our pallets comply with international standards ISPM-15 and CP-3. Palletized bags are secured with polypropylene tape and covered with stretch wrap. It is possible to pack the product in special polypropylene Big-Bags with a net weight of 150-200 kg for undensed material. The size of the Big-Bag is 110x110x200 cm.

Orisil fumed silica bags are stored in closed, temperature-controlled warehouse. Storage conditions do not allow mixing of different grades, contamination of foreign substances and prevent moisture exposure.
Orisil silica is transported by road, sea and rail in accordance with rules of carriage of goods for this type of transport .
Orisil fumed silica is fire and explosion proof.
The guaranteed  shelf life of Orisil silica is 24 months from the date of manufacture in accordance with TU U 24.1-31695418-002: 2008.
The shipment of the product is carried out from the manufacturer’s warehouse in Kalush, Ivano-Frankivsk region, Ukraine.


Regulatory framework

Orisil company meets all necessary Ukrainian and International regulations as well as maintains up-to-date the following certifications:

  • ISO 9001
  • EU REACH Registration
  • KKDIK (Turkish REACH)
  • Kosher Certificate
  • Halal Certificate