Pyrogenic silica "Orisil" is used in many different applications:


In industrial inks Orisil fumed silica is primarily used as a thickener. In offset printing, hydrophilic Orisil speeds up ink drying, reduces the risk of smearing and improves image definition. Treated Orisil reduces water absorption of the ink, inhibits foaming, increases color intensity preserving the luster of the surface. In engraving, flexography and silkscreen printing, Orisil is used to regulate viscosity and prevent pigment deposition. Orisil can also be used to control ink flow in printers and copiers.

PVC plastisols

Orisil fumed silica is used as a filler in PVC plastisols. A small amount of the product significantly increases the viscosity of the plastisols. In addition, the presence of Orisil in plastisols greatly increases adhesion to metal surfaces. This is important for industrial applications where plastisols are spray applied.

Thermal insulation

Due to microscopic particle size and large spacing between the particles Orisil fumed silica has excellent thermo-isolating properties. The thermal stability of Orisil at 1200 ºC makes it possible to use it in the insulation of furnaces, aircraft turbines, etc. As an effective thermal insulating material Orisil is used in refrigeration units of air separation plants, as well as for thermal insulation of liquefied gas storage tanks at sub-zero temperature. Orisil is a key component in production of VIP (vacuum insulation panel) based on pyrogenic silica. The mixture consists of micronized cells, the distance between which is less than the free path of air molecules. Accordingly, VIP panels are not affected by thermal processes associated with the collision of molecules and heat dissipation.

Сosmetics and personal care products

Orisil fumed silica is used in cosmetics and personal care products because of its specific properties. In coloring products, Orisil controls viscosity and prevents agglomeration of pigments. In powders, Orisil increases fluidity. In nail polishes, Orisil influences pigment distribution, reduces sedimentation and controls rheology. Orisil can also be used in lipsticks, antiperspirants, toothpastes, haircare products and other products.

Pharmaceutical industry

Orisil fumed silica provides pastes and ointments with the desired consistency and prevents the components from separating. Small additives stabilize emulsions and lotions. Powder products (antiseptic and cosmetic powders) are well distributed and applied to the skin due to Orisil additives. Orisil is used as an auxiliary substance for tabletting and drugging medications. The use of Orisil in medicine is important because all substances previously absorbed on its surface, such as medications, are gradually desorbed in the aqueous environment of the human body, providing prolonged action and increased efficacy of medications.