History of Orisil company

The production of pyrogenic silica (fumed silica) has started in Kalush, Ukrainian SSR based on technology of the leading Western European company.
The production of hydrophobic silicon dioxide has started based on the technology developed by the Institute of Surface Chemistry of National Academy of Sciences of Ukrainian SSR.
Orisil, Ltd. leased fumed silica production facilities of Concern "Oriana".
Production of hydrophobic grades has resumed expanding the product range.
The trademark ORISIL® is registered in Ukraine.
Large-scale organizational and technical measures were made to automate the production process. The company becomes technologically independent. A modern automated production control system is implemented.
DK Orisil Plant, Ltd. is established as production company. Additional liquid chlorosilanes begin to be used as raw material.
Modernization and upgrade of the critical production equipment occurs. Furnaces of higher unit capacity and new packaging technology are implemented.
Additional equipment becomes operational expanding the range of hydrophobic grades.
Company structure

Structure of Orisil company

The current structure of the company has existed since June 25, 1998. The company consists of two divisions – production and management. The management unit is located in Lviv, Ukraine. The production unit  DK Orisil Plant, Ltd. is located in Kalush, Ivano-Frankivsk region, Ukraine. Orisil, Ltd. has 3 departments – purchasing, finance, sales and logistics.

Our team

Employees of Orisil company

Hennadiy Pluhin
CEO of Orisil, Ltd.
Roman Kuziv
Director of DK Orisil Plant, Ltd.
Ivan Melnychuk
Deputy Director of DK Orisil Plant, Ltd.
Serhiy Karalash
Head of Internal Sales
Erik Pylypenko
Head of Purchasing
Solomiia Huzii
Head of International Sales
Oleksandr Katachyn
Sales Manager
Oleksii Tuziak
FEA Manager